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I’ve been lucky in life. From a young age I discovered what my passion was: health. And in pursuing a healthy lifestyle, this led me to become a professional athlete. The happiness and enjoyment I find in being active and eating healthily, plus the psychological growth that comes hand in hand with pushing your limits and bucking the norm, is something that I love to try and share with others.

And so Tryumph Health was born: helping people to Try-umph with a Y. Being healthy these days requires a concerted effort, but ‘with a strong reason ‘Y’, you can achieve any ‘how’’ (Viktor Frankl). Rather than to impose, – which as a young girl I soon realised doesn’t work when self-righteously trying to get my Grandpa to stop smoking! – my hope is to inspire people to take action themselves…

So what does work?

Community: building friendships, creating a shared sense of purpose, developing a culture of health that permeates to everyone.

Empowerment: helping people to feel good about themselves and so give them the strength and confidence to make healthy choices, whilst arming people with the correct knowledge in order to do so.

Fun: in our often all-too-serious lives, sport can be a fantastic outlet. Chasing around carefree after a ball or running outside in the beautiful countryside really makes you feel young and playful! Music features largely in all our sessions, adding to the flow of energy…

Whether it’s our Try-Sports and Fitness Sessions, Corporate and School Wellness or even our Children’s Holiday Camps, these core values are at the heart of all that we do. And with Yorkshire roots, we charge honest prices with flexible subscriptions in the hope of getting as many people as active as possible.

And by signing up to our offerings you are not only helping yourself, but also others. We proudly support a number of local charities by donating up to 10% of Try-Sports subs to them, offer Kenyan Twinnings to schools we work with and uphold a ‘one for one’ deal on our Corporate Packages whereby companies can nominate another not-for-profit organisation to benefit from our services at an equivalent value.

If any of the above has struck a chord with you, we’d love to have you along to a session and on board to creating a healthier life for yourself!

I hope to meet you soon.

Tryumphant wishes,

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