The Great Village Face Off!

Sign up now for your chance to pitch your sporting prowess against other local village teams! (Whilst raising money for a worthy cause…)

What is it?

A half day inter-village family sports tournament fundraiser at Baslow Sports Field.


When is it?

Sunday 24th September, 10am-12pm+


What does it involve?

Mixed age and gender village teams compete against each other at Netball, Hockey, Football and Athletics. Individual challenges in each sport will be available for 5-8 year olds to earn points for their teams.


How many players per team?

5* per game comprising of:

1 x 8-11 year old girl and boy

1 x adult female and male**

1 x over 55 year old.

NB substitutes can be made and varying teams can be assembled for the different sports.

*this may be increased to 7 depending on uptake.

** not including teenagers but we would welcome any that are interested in helping to run the event. (And if there is demand we can run a future event for them).


How much does it cost and what does it include?

£4 per player for a sport-packed morning plus a free homemade energy ball, sports drink and Try-Sports taster session.


What else is on offer?

A healthy barbeque, cafe and bouncy castle (charges apply)


What will the proceeds be used for?

To help renovate Baslow Sports Field pavilion to attract more users. Plans are afoot to convert the downstairs into a more inviting café area and upstairs into a useable space. (NB Tryumph Health would happily facilitate rolling out such a future event to raise funds for other village sports associations.)


Time table:

10am Intro

10:15-10:50 Hockey and Netball

10:50 Break (free snack and drink)

11:10 Football

11:40 Athletics

12pm Awards ceremony

12:15 Barbeque

(Individual challenges for 5-8yrs run throughout the day)


What do the winners get?

Bragging rights! And a tacky trophy.


Benefits to schools for supporting the event?

If schools get 20 pupils and/or their family members to sign up, they qualify for a free Tryumph Health half day visit. It also helps them score Ofsted points through “promoting children and young people’s health and wellbeing by working in partnership with other schools, early years providers, external agencies and the community; as well as by engaging with parents.”

If you would like more details of how your school can get involved, please contact me.

If you and/or your children would like to compete please complete this short registration form (<2min):