Try-Sports & Fitness

Our Mission:

At Tryumph Health we believe in creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Our aim is to provide friendly and inclusive sessions that remove barriers to participation – both logistical and self-imposed. With our flexible and affordable subscriptions, sessions start from as little as £2.50. AND we play great music during the sessions to really get the energy flowing. What’s not to love? So go on…

Feel part of the community, become empowered, have fun (and get in shape*)!

We’d love to have you along…

*And for some extra weight loss umph

We believe that fitness can be a by-product of just having fun playing! But if you’re not quite there yet and want a little more direction and umph in your quest to get in shape, with our optional weekly weigh-ins, you can now take advantage of the most powerful factor behind successful weight-loss: social accountability.

What’s on offer:

For more detailed information about each session visit our designated pages: Football, Hockey, Netball, Running, Kids’ Team Sports, Wild Athletics and Try-Fitness. Details of each category and prices accordingly can also be found below. Please note that our sessions aim to be as inclusive as possible – therefore, if you don’t fit into a category but would like come anyway, we’d still love to have you along! (NB Please contact me before coming for the first time to make sure the session is on!)

try-sports timetable
*Bring your under 8’s too for some coaching with one of our Tryumphs.

**We hope to eventually separate these sessions once we have enough players. Then under 8’s can be brought along too for coaching by a Tryumph.

We are always trying to develop our offerings, so if you have any suggestions for developing a new club, please get in touch.


Categories and prices:

  Subscriptions PAYG PAYG family discount

Skill and competitive development for all abilities 5-12 years


(Wild Athletics £5/session in a block)


(Wild Athletics £7.50/session)


(Wild Athletics £6/session)



Any children 8+ and adults. Families get a discount.

Child alone £16/month

All-family and adults £10/month

Child alone £6

All-family and adults £4

Child alone £4

All-family and adults £3


For those that would like more specialist coaching to improve performance

£10/month £4 £3

All about fun and participation

£10/month £4 £3

 For all ages and abilities 14yrs+. Classes to improve fitness, tone and posture.

£5/session in a block £7.50



Like a Gym Membership… But Better!:

Hate wasting money? So do we. Unlike gyms, our flexible subscriptions mean that you need never drop a pound – unless it’s from your waist! (Plus we think exercising outside, with friends is way healthier). For details of how to subscribe, scroll to the bottom.

Benefits of Try-Sports Subscriptions:

– Save 1/3 on sessions (Over the year this equates to a saving of £96 on kids’ clubs and £72 on other clubs).

– Where applicable, save 1/3 off walk downs from Baslow St Anne’s (saving a further £17.50 over the year)

– Credit missed during school holidays or in the event of illness or injury during term time can be used for any other Try-Sports offerings, Tryumphant Holiday Camps or merchandise. (For merchandise 50%* of the credit value is redeemable). Credit may also be passed on to family members or friends. A spreadsheet showing your credit can be found here.

– Less hassle than paying each half term or each session.

– Greater motivation to attend sessions or Try other sports.

– ‘Treat’ friends and family members to your credit to encourage them to get active.

*Only 50% is redeemable as the main aim of subscriptions is to encourage greater sports participation. Please also note that our outlay for coaching sessions is less than half of that for merchandise.

Terms and Conditions for Try-Sports Subscriptions

– You can cancel your subscription at any time. Any credit remaining that month will stay in your account for the remainder of that term and can be used as outlined above.

– Any credit used for other offerings is at PAYG rate.

– Subscriptions cover 48 weeks of the year allowing for the following weeks off:

  • First week of the school year
  • Second week of Christmas holidays when there is no holiday camp
  • First week of January term
  • Final week of the school year

– Credit is valid in the same school term that sessions are missed.

– Where applicable, missed credit will be used to cover the walk down from Baslow St Annes charged at £1 for subscribers. Walk downs for PAYG customers cost £1.50.

– If you cancel your subscription, you have until the end of that term to use up any unspent credit from that month’s standing order, at which point it is then donated to charity.

How to subscribe:

Please contact me.