The most important component of health! We are only now, with the advent of quantum physics, really beginning to fully appreciate and understand the power of the mind in determining the quality of our lives. Having lived the roller-coaster life of a professional athlete from the highs of being voted Britain’s Female Athlete of the Year, to the lows of not making the Olympics, I have faced and overcome many obstacles in this field. I am learning all the time, but hope I can impart some tips to help you hurdle yours.

How the mind works

Based on scientific evidence of how the brain functions, I hope to explain the different, often conflicting, voices we have in our heads and give you strategies to create harmony and clarity in your thinking.

Successful goal setting 

Having read about and tried many different approaches to this, I have amassed a number of powerful tips to help transform your dreams into goals into success. It’s about commitment, not motivation.

Confidence, Happiness and Reducing Stress

Does what it says on the tin! Or at least sets you on the right path… Life is a journey after all!

Effective Communication

Often without realising we are ‘violent’ communicators. From small tips such as using ‘what’ instead of ‘why’, to understanding differences in the way most men and women communicate, I hope to show you that ‘everyone is reasonable; you just have to understand their reasons’.

Co-operating with Children

As Mother Teresa once famously said, “What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.” Years of coaching children and training with the wonderful parenting skills coaching company, Next Generation Coaching, have given me an armoury of strategies, coping mechanisms and manipulative tricks to enhance communication and co-operation with children – yours or otherwise!

All consultations are also available to families and children.

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